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Turning Sales Quotes into Orders.

ProQuote/Blue Link Connector
Interface Redesigned.

For many businesses generating, tracking and closing sales quotations is an essential part of their sales process. For these businesses a significant amount of time can be wasted manually converting accepted quotes into orders. Compounding the problem are errors that may occur in the process, requiring rework and customer inconvenience. To resolve this issue, IMPAC Systems and Blue Link Associates have introduced an add-on module that seamlessly links ProQuote and Blue Link's Elite business software.

This interface is a re-design of ProQuote's Order Transfer module to make use of Blue Link's new Sales Order Import API (Application Program Interface).

The ProQuote Blue Link Interface module includes functionality to;

  • Read customer Bill to and Ship to data from Blue Link
  • Write an order to Blue Link
  • Write an inventory item to Blue Link
  • Write a new customer to Blue Link
  • Update product information and costing from Blue Link

When the quote is accept, ProQuote will check that all quoted items and the customer are in Blue Link. For a new customer or parts, ProQuote provides the ability to add these to Blue Link directly. Once all new data is setup in Blue Link, the accepted quote is easily transferred to Blue Link's order module for further processing.

With ProQuote and Blue Link you get the best combination of applications to help run your business. ProQuote provides the ideal quoting tool, while Blue Link delivers a proven business and accounting ERP software package.

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