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Business Rules

A powerful feature in ProQuote is the ability to assign formulas to calculate cost, price, commission, discount and other business values. Like a spreadsheet, you insert formulas into a field and ProQuote will display the resulting value. Using this approach you can calculate landed cost, multiple selling prices, margins, forecasted dollar value, commission and any other numeric numbers. A formula can be embedded in another formula to simplify complex business rules.

For example;

[LandedCost] = ([SupplierList]*(1- SupplierDiscount]/100) *[Exchange] *[TransferMultiplier])

[ListSellingPrice] = ([CDNLandedCost] * [MarkupMultipler]]

[OEMSellingPrice] = ([ListSellingPrice] * (1-[OEMDiscount]/100))

With this flexibility, ProQuote can adapt to the most complex or simplest pricing and quoting requirements.