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Do more with ProQuote sales quoting software

ProQuote provides a very robust, cost-effective sales quoting solution that can help businesses standardize procedures, maximize productivity and increase sales. However, ProQuote can also do more than help streamline the sales quoting process. Here's how some customers are getting more out of ProQuote:

Lead Tracking: Logging an opportunity in ProQuote when the first inquiry is made, you can track leads, quotes and sales against specific marketing initiatives. You can then evaluate what marketing efforts are delivering the best results for the dollars invested. For example, logging leads against a recent trade show will provide a ratio of leads that turn into quotes and then into orders. Not all inquiries turn into quotes or orders, but by logging all leads, you gather critical information to guide future marketing investments.

Lost Business Analysis: Your order entry system tells you what business you are winning, but what about the business you are losing. By configuring ProQuote to track losses and the reason the business was lost, you can quickly begin to evaluate issues that are affecting a customer's buy decision. Is it price, product, delivery or service that is turning customers away? Armed with this critical insight, you can then make the necessary changes and improvements to your sales process to turn more quotes into orders.

Margin Analysis: Knowing where you stand on a job before you issue the quote, gives you an advantage when negotiating the final deal. More importantly, it tells you when to walk away. With ProQuote's margin analysis features, you ensure minimum margins are maintained and avoid learning after it's too late that a job was not profitable.

End User Tracking: Many businesses sell through agents, dealers and other third parties and are thus removed from the end user or buyer. By adding an End User tracking feature to ProQuote you can evaluate quote activity and sales by end user. With each request for a quote, you also record the end user, thus capturing valuable information about your end customer. This information can then help focus internal sales resources and marketing dollars towards specific end user groups or industries.

Request for Quote(RFQ): When customers ask you for a quote, you in turn often go to your suppliers for a quote. To streamline this process, ProQuote can generate RFQ's to your suppliers in PDF or Excel file format. If the supplier returns pricing in Excel, you have the option to load the data into the quote, eliminating rekeying of data. When this process involves many items and various suppliers the time savings are huge!

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