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Sales Quoting Software Can Help in a Tough Market

When business is good, many important internal projects are left undone as management and staff is too busy with day to day business and can't find the time to upgrade or implement new systems. A slower business environment presents the ideal opportunity to revitalize your existing software solutions.

Here are five ways a good quote system can help when markets get tough.

  1. Improve service: Quick quote turnaround gives you an edge over the competition. In many industries a quote delivered the same day or within 24 hrs enhances the likelihood of a sale. The longer the quote takes to get to the customer the probability of getting the business drops significantly. By simplifying the sales quoting process, and getting the quote in front of the customer in a timely fashion, the sales rep gets a "jump start" to closing the sale.

  2. Know where you stand: Customers become even more demanding believing it's a buyer's market. A good quote solution will tell you where you stand (margin and dollars) on any given job. You have the flexibility to adjust prices if desired while still maintaining a respectable margin. Equally important, is knowing when a job no longer makes sense and is best left to someone else.

  3. Be more proactive: A single source of quote data is another benefit of an automated sales quoting solution. With all your quotes in one place it's easy to review past history to look for opportunities that may have gone inactive and may well be redeemable with some proactive selling.

  4. Sharpen your focus: The quote database is full of market intelligence that you can use to evaluate reasons for won and lost business by region, sales rep, product family, customer and much more. This type of analysis is almost impossible to do if your data is spread out in many Excel and Word documents.

  5. Leverage efforts: A quote system leads to standardized procedures and best practices that ensure everyone in the sales process is generating consistent and accurate quotes. Follow-up is centralized and any changes in pricing are immediately available to all sales and customer service staff. What's more, new staff is more productive, faster and if someone is away, all their quotes are readily available for others to keep the sales moving forward.

Every boom cycle eventually comes to an end. It's during these slower periods that progressive businesses get ready for the next market upturn with internal projects to improve business processes. Now is the time to implement projects that you put off when you were busy earlier in the year.

To learn more about how a sales quoting solution can help benefit your business call 905-403-1198