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Improved quoting software = many dollars earned and saved

For many businesses getting a quote out the door is a time consuming process that combines excel spreadsheets, paper price sheets and word documents. Contributing to the problem is constant checking and re-checking the accuracy of the information which is being pulled from several difference sources. If your business is fighting this battle, then here are three easy steps to get you started towards a better sales quoting process.

  1. Recognize the Problem: The first step is to recognize that its time to fix the problem and management is behind the initiative both in time and money. As part of this first step, it's important to identify the benefits. This will justify the investment. The most common benefits with a new quoting solution include;
    • Increase in productivity: More quotes out the door in a shorter time period.
    • Get it right the first time: With a single source of information all data used for quotes is accurate and up-to-date .
    • Better margins: Understanding the margin at the quote stage allows you to make informed decisions when negotiating a sale. (see fighting the shrinking margin)
    • Improved Controls: Keep pricing and costs current and monitor quoting activity by customer, sales rep, product line and many other criteria.
    • Win more business: Enhanced customer service, faster quote turnaround and better follow-up leads to more sales.
    • Monitor your competition: By tracking wins and losses by competitors you can gain an insight into what your competition is doing and thus take action to gain more business or drop unprofitable work.
    • Standardize Procedures: Having everyone in the organization follow the same quoting process leads to fewer errors and less time training new staff. This also allows best practices to filter amongst the users.

  2. Understand your requirements: Planning is essential to ensure you get the solution you need. All too often companies decide on a solution, before they actually decide what they need. Prioritizing your needs is also essential to the planning process. Separating the important features from the "nice-to-have" lets you stay focused on the key project deliverables. Once you understand your needs and the benefits, you can then move to find the best solution (see also ProQuote Trial & Needs Assessment).

  3. Selecting the Right Program: When looking for a solution, make sure you compare your core needs to the alternatives available. Take into account the flexibility of the software to meet your current needs as well as future goals. For example, if integration to CRM and order processing is a future goal, make sure the product you select has the ability to integrate with other applications. A product with an open database and built around industry standard technology is desirable when integration is important.

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