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ProQuote - Quote it Right the First Time!
Your sales team is working hard but they seem to be continually hampered by a poor sales quoting process. The current system is inefficient with too many steps leading to duplication, errors and delays that consume both time and money. What's more, mistakes at the quote stage often permeate into the order leading to further delays, costly trouble-shooting.

To remedy this problem businesses are turning to ProQuote's quote-to-order solution .... more details

Using Microsoft SQL Server with ProQuote:
Combining Microsoft SQL Server with the functionality and flexibility of ProQuote provides a very robust, cost-effective sales to order solution that can help businesses maximize productivity and increase sales... more details

Do more with ProQuote Sales Quoting Software:
ProQuote provides a very robust, cost-effective sales quoting solution that can help businesses standardize procedures, maximize productivity and increase sales. But ProQuote can also do more than help streamline the sales quoting process. Here's how some customers are getting more out of ProQuote.... more details

ProQuote .NET Product Configuration Capabilities:
The problem: You want to simplify the way your business builds quotes so it's possible for outside reps, dealers, agents and even customers to generate accurate and error free quotes. Ideally, the solution is "web based" and easy enough so training is minimized and users can get operational quickly. The Solution... click here

Sales Quoting Software Can Help in a Tough Market:
When business is good, many important internal projects are left undone as management and staff is too busy with day to day business and can't find the time to upgrade or implement new systems. A slower business environment presents the ideal opportunity to revitalize your existing software solutions.... more details

The Benefits of Windows Terminal Services:
Windows Terminal Services is ideal for sales quoting applications, where inside and outside sales reps need access to a centralized quoting program and sales information. This technology is designed to simplify access to Windows-based programs from within a corporate network or over the Internet.... more details

New Report Utility keeps outside sales reps informed:
For companies that utilize both inside and outside sales reps to service the customer, it can be difficult to keep everyone up-to-date with recent quote activity. Of particular importance is the most current quote activity as these opportunities often represents the best chance to generate new sales.... more details

ProQuote VIP Webinar Series:
This VIP webinar is designed to provide you with an overview of the feature rich capabilities of ProQuote, show you how ProQuote can adapt to a wide range of user/industry requirements, benefits you can expect from a ProQuote implementation .... more details

Improved quoting software = many dollars earned and saved:
For many businesses getting a quote out the door is a time consuming process that combines excel spreadsheets, paper price sheets and word documents. Contributing to the problem is constant checking and re-checking the accuracy of the information pulled from several difference sources. If your business is fighting this battle, then here are three easy steps to get you started towards a better sales quoting process ... more details

ProQuote Links to Microsoft CRM Live:
ProQuote is a comprehensive, configurable sales quotation tool designed to help companies automate their sales quoting and estimating process. This powerful, yet flexible sales quoting tool incorporates an open architecture that supports a wide range of integration and program interface options. The latest interface deployed for ProQuote is a dynamic link to Microsoft's CRM Live ... more details

ProQuote fighting the shrinking margin:
Many businesses and sales reps are continually under pressure to sell for less. As competitors lower prices it's natural to follow suit. In the end, profitability suffers ... more details

New Interface to Goldmine:
ProQuote upgrades new interface to Goldmine ... more details

ProQuote delivers big returns:
Current users have reduced quote preparation time from hours to just a few minutes. For managers, ProQuote provides instant access to information on sales performance, sales forecasts, won/lost ratios, margins, profit, customer activity and much more ... more details

Bluelink integration does more:
IMPAC Systems and Blue Link Associates have introduced an add-on module that seamlessly links ProQuote and Blue Link's Elite business software ... more details