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ProQuote Partners and Consultants

IMPAC is committed to delivering the best "Quote to Order" software solution to our customers. As part of our commitment, IMPAC has developed close relationships with many businesses to deliver complete integrated solutions. IMPAC's partners provide complementary software, hardware, networking, hosting and other services designed to meet the unique needs of each customer. Click here to find out more about interfaces to other business applications.

ProQuote partners are selected for their expertise in systems integration, hardware, software, training and other technical knowledge. They share our commitment to delivering solutions and services that help our customers gain a competitive advantage. ProQuote partners also provide expertise in business process redesign, planning, project management, training and industry specific knowledge.

IMPAC has achieved great success through its association with business partners and consultants. Our consultant relationships include professionals and industry experts who provide business development, marketing and consulting services.

With growing opportunities in sales quotation management solutions, IMPAC is seeking new partners in vertical markets or strategic geographic locations. To learn how to become a business partner or consultant contact IMPAC at 905-403-1198