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ProQuote - Fighting the Shrinking Margin

Businesses and sales reps are continually under pressure to sell for less. As competitors lower prices, it's natural to follow suit. In the end, profitability suffers. For businesses that routinely quote their products and services, ProQuote can offer a number of advantages to help resist and curb the pressures of margin degradation. Here are just a few sales practices ProQuote can help your organization implement

  • After setting margin targets and expectations for the sales team, ProQuote provides sales reps with the tools to maintain desired margins and managers to easily monitor the effectiveness of the program.
  • ProQuote also offers insight into the expected margin before the quote is even issued to the customer; hence if negotiations on price are needed, everyone in the sales process knows what further movement is available, if any.
  • ProQuote provides effective tools to adjust quoted margins by product, or group of products. This way, sales reps can maximize margin on some products, while offering incentives on just a few.
  • You can also use ProQuote to raise the margin on some products that have less competition, or where you offer added value, thus actually increasing margin.
  • If you sell products sensitive to certain market fluctuations (e.g. interest rates, price of steel and aluminuim..etc) ProQuote, offers tools to easily adjust day-by-day prices based on changes to these factors, thus maintaining margins.
  • For management, ProQuote lets you measure margin performance by sales rep, product line, customer, region and many other criteria. With this information you can make required adjustments to continue meeting margin targets.
  • Information is gold! Use ProQuote to track the competitors winning pricing and reasons why you lost a job. With this information you can look for patterns your competition is using and make adjustments accordingly. You may be losing business for reasons other than price.
  • ProQuote can also help you distinguish profitable business from low margin jobs allowing you to focus resources on the business that will generate thebest returns.
  • Lastly, ProQuote's price list management tools, let you keep pricing current so everyone is using the latest price.

Customers will continue to demand better pricing and shorter turnaround, placing tremendous pressure on sales organizations. IMPAC's ProQuote Software is designed to help businesses respond effectively to these demands and provide management with the information they need to make informed decisions.

To learn more about how ProQuote can help your business, go to www.proquote-solutions.com or call 905-403-1198.