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ProQuote .NET Product Configuration Capabilities

The problem: You want to simplify the way your business builds quotes so it's possible for outside reps, dealers, agents and even customers to generate accurate and error free quotes. Ideally, the solution is "web based" and easy enough so training is minimized and users can get operational quickly.

The Solution...

ProQuote's .NET is a fully functional browser based quote solution with a built in product specification tool to simplify the problem of quoting complex systems, products and machines. Here's how it works in five ease steps

  • First the user is guided to find the base unit that best meets the customer's requirements. This could be a piece of machinery, control system or other key component.
  • Once the user selects the base unit, ProQuote automatically loads all the standard features that go with the unit. If needed, the standard features can be loaded into predefined sections (e.g control panel, electrical system, fluid control) to allow the user to logically work through the configuration.
  • Each standard feature can have a list of possible substitutions presented to the user in drop down lists. This enables the user to easily select appropriate substitutions. For example a user may chose to upgrade a motor or sensor. The cost of the upgrade is then added to the price.
  • Next the user has the flexibility to add acceptable additions or options to the base model. Only those options that can go with the selected based model are available to the user, preventing additions to the equipment specification that doesn't fit. In the cases where there are many options, they can be grouped in categories to help the user quickly navigate and add desired options.
  • Once completed, the user can quickly create a PDF of the quote with the detailed product specification and email to the customer. It that's simple!

The process is simple enough to allow anyone in your sales channel the ability to generate quotes for complex equipment and machinery. Of course built in security controls what parts of the application users are able to run and what data they are able to access. To run the system requires a login, a web browser and a connection to the internet.

To learn more about how a sales quoting solution can help benefit your business call 905-403-1198