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Featured Highlights

Microsoft Windows  interface incorporates the standard Windows features (tool bars, icon buttons and pull down menus) you've become accustomed to using other Microsoft Windows applications.

Integrated Price Book is an on-line catalogue of all your products and services. Like an index, the Price Book lets you quickly find any part, even when the database contains thousands of items.

Quote Builder lets you quickly assemble quotes, apply discounts and set minimum profit levels. To build a quote you pick items from the on-line price book, from past quotes or you can type directly from the keyboard.

Filter Quotes & Track Status by customer, quote status, sales rep, region and many other user defined criteria.

Set Multiple Pricing levels for parts and assign formulas to calculate landed costs and sell price.

User Defined Fields (UDF's) let you attach any number of custom data fields to your quote and price book database. You can also filter your quotes based on these custom fields.

Flexible Import Module lets you import data from many standard formats including ASCII, fixed format, dbf, Excel and more.

Standard Reports include quote worksheet showing profit and margins, won/lost report, part activity, price book catalogue, quote status and more. Custom reports are also available through Microsoft Access.

Attach OLE Objects to parts in your database, such as part images, schematics or scanned product sheets.