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ProQuote On-line is a new web based Price List Management and Sales Quotation system that lets businesses take productivity and customer service to a whole new level.

Built as an extension to the industry leading "ProQuote" sales quotation system, ProQuote On-line ties together customers, distributors, sales reps, agents and inside customer service staff into one integrated sales quotation solution.

ProQuote On-line empowers customers, distributors, sales reps with the ability to;

  • Search and browse the product catalogue
  • Build and submit a Request for Quote (RFQ).
  • Request special target pricing
  • Build and track quotes
  • Instantly respond to customer's request
  • View quotes directly on-line and request revisions
  • Easily turn accepted quotes into orders
  • Send/Receive formal quotes by email
  • Add notes and updates to on-line quotes
  • Many more time saving features

All information, whether processed by an outside sales rep, agent, distributor, customer or inside sales staff is all contained in one common database. Duplication, re-keying information or trying to decipher hand written notes and faxes is a thing of the past with ProQuote On-line.

With ProQuote On-line your sales staff will be making sales decisions while your competition is still trying to decide what the customer wants.

ProQuote On-line is a true browser based application that makes it easier for your customers to do business with you. Whether you are an expert or novice user, you will find ProQuote On-line easy to use and will appreciate the full range of features that make ProQuote the best quotation management solution for your business.