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The price book is an on-line catalogue of all your products and services that you can browse to select parts. Similar to a file directory in Windows Explorer, the price book is divided into sections, sub-sections and sub-sub sections. You can define as many directory sub levels as is needed to model your price book. Each section or subsection contains part information for one product family. There is no limit on the number of sections, sub-sections or parts in the price book. 

Other Features Include:

  • Electronic importing of data from suppliers or other sources
  • Multiple price books by supplier, language or country
  • Multiple pricing levels
  • Unlimited sections, categories and items in the price book
  • Maintain costs, margins, pricing and part numbers
  • Automatic audit trail of price changes (date, by who, previous price)
  • Maintain standard assemblies or build assemblies on-the-fly
  • Option to link related products in price book (e.g. motor to mounting bracket)
  • Find any item with a few mouse clicks
  • Variable length product descriptions
  • Display part or product images
  • "Quick Search" method for finding items in the price book or quote list of previously issued quotes