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Quote Builder Quote Builder - Quote List

The Quote Builder module provides all the tools required to quickly assemble, modify and issue professional looking quotes with optional cover page and terms and conditions attached.

After adding parts to the body of your quote you can adjust the pricing, margins or discount rates. Changes to quote pricing can be made at the item, section or grand total level.

Other Features Include:

  • Quick pick items with mouse from on-line price book
  • Copy information from previous quotations
  • Maintain quote revisions
  • Set-up templates for frequently quoted items
  • Format quote into sections
  • Type custom or non-standard items directly from the keyboard
  • Interactively adjust margins or apply discounts
  • Maintain quote revisions
  • Include cover letter, terms and conditions and warranty information
  • Mark quotes as active, accepted, rejected or canceled
  • Edit product descriptions
  • Over-ride total price
  • Assign quote level UDF's