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ProQuote SQL Edition is designed for businesses that require an enterprise wide solution that will provide a large number of users with instant access to volumes of data without compromising performance and reliability. Designed as a client server application, ProQuote SQL Edition is divided into four key components including the Systems Administration, SQL Server, Price Book and Quote Modules and Management Reports.

The Systems Administrator allows you to configure ProQuote to your requirements. This includes assigning user defined fields (unlimited), system defaults, user access levels, business rules and other system variables.

SQL Server: The SQL Server maintains the price book, quote and customer databases. The MS-SQL database provides a robust and secure environment while maintaining enhanced system performance.

Price Book and Quote Modules: These end user modules provide a simple interface that allows users to access historical data, quickly build and issue professional looking quotes to customers, manage pricing information and track sales opportunities. Each user can personalize the order and size of sub-form fields and execute quick sorts on any field by ascending or descending order with the click of a mouse.

Management Reports: ProQuote provides a number of standard reports to assist managers with monitoring sales performance and market trends. Reports can be combined with filters to retrieve a group of quotes matching search criteria specified by the user (e.g. list all active quotes where the quoted dollar value is greater than $5,000.00). Standard reports include Sales Rep Activity, Quote Status Report, Quote Won/Lost, Customer Activity, Part Activity History, Quote Profit Report other standard reports. In addition, users can create their own reports using MS-Access or other third party report writers(e.g. Crystal Reports).