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About ProQuote

ProQuote is the ideal software program for businesses that issue sales quotations as part of their revenue generating activity. ProQuote contains all the necessary modules and commands to streamline the process of generating, tracking and closing sales quotations.

ProQuote's editing features and on-line price book let you generate professional-looking quotations quickly and with little effort. As each quote is initiated, ProQuote tracks the quote revisions, when the customer expects to buy and a probability of winning. No more shuffling through wads of paper to find a price, part number, quotation or account name. It's all at your fingertips when using ProQuote.

What's more, you have the option to use the internal customer module or link the program to ACT, Goldmine or other customer and contact management systems.

Whether you are an expert or novice user, you will find ProQuote easy to use and will appreciate the full range of features that make ProQuote the most comprehensive quotation management program on the market today.

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Built using the latest in client server technology, ProQuote comes in two configurations.

ProQuote MS-Office Edition is a Microsoft Access based solution that is ideal for organizations that need from 1-15 users networked together. ProQuote Enterprise is an SQL Server based system designed for businesses that need 15 or more users linked together in a corporate wide solution.

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