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Success Stories
Mark McKinney - CPA, Corporate Controller, SUNBELT

"I would like to thank you for your dedication that you gave Sunbelt. Sunbelt has tried on numerous occasions to implement a quoting system developed in house. As you know, our business is unique as we do not sell widgets. Impac Systems was able to make modifications to ProQuote and implement it in a timely and professional manner. We have not experienced any problems using the system. Another added value was the expertise you have learned over the many years of implementation. The suggestions you have given during the design process have proven to be very helpful.

As you know, salespeople do not like change. One of my biggest worries was getting our sales force to use ProQuote. Our whole sales team uses and agrees that ProQuote was an excellent investment. The time saved and the management of margins have paid for the program in less than the first twelve months.

Since the implementation of the system back in October 2006, it has run smoothly with no hick-ups. With our US division and Canadian division running the system through Citrix, we have experience no down time and no maintenance issue. Price changes are easily managed in the system. I would recommend Impac Systems and ProQuote to anyone who is looking for a diversified quoting package. Again, thank you for a great experience."

Ken Brott - VP, DRB Systems, Inc.

"When we initially talked about purchasing your software, one of our chief aims was to assure that our sales reps were quoting the right mix of products and not forgetting key elements.

I was analyzing our sales numbers a few months ago and noticed that our installation dollars have increased substantially over last year. While our overall sales are also up, the install dollars are up by a much higher percentage. We realized that this is due to the fact that our ProQuote system is now automatically populating the installation field with the right dollars. This year, I would estimate that this will add $100K-$150K to our bottom line. Nice!

Thanks for helping us reach our goals. ProQuote has been an excellent investment and we appreciate working with you and your team."

Mike James - Project Manager, NEBS, Canada

"We chose ProQuote because of its flexibility to adapt to our needs and IMPAC' s proven track record in delivering sales quoting solutions. IMPAC was quick to understand our business and translate our requirements into the ProQuote software package.

ProQuote has helped NEBS Canada grow the custom business by 120% in less then eight months. Quote preparation time has been significantly reduced with most quotes issued in less then 24hrs from request.. ProQuote is also an excellent measuring tool that has helped us to monitor product trends, focus our efforts and adjust internal processes to maximize revenue."

Paul Watson - Customer Service Manager, Nord-Gear, Canada

"Since we installed ProQuote, we have been very pleased with the contribution of the program to our business. In the 5-1/2 years we have been using the program, ProQuote has become an indispensable tool for our inside customer service staff and helped us produce over 70,000 quotes.

When we first selected ProQuote, IMPAC staff carefully listened to our needs and modified the software to meet our operational requirements. They willingly made several improvements and changes to increase the efficiency and compatibility of the software to our business.

Most importantly, ProQuote has allowed Nord Gear Limited to improve productivity and enhance customer service, while maintaining and even reducing overall staffing levels. In addition, the program has given us the flexibility to tailor pricing levels by product and customer and establish a consistent and professional presentation to our customers.

New staff find ProQuote easy to use and the learning curve short. When issues have cropped up, IMPAC has been responsive to calls and quick to solve the problem.

I would recommend ProQuote and IMPAC to any business looking to automate their product pricing and sales quoting process."

Keith Hamilton - Sales Manager Deacro Industries

"All in all, ProQuote allows us to respond to sales inquires quicker, improve accuracy and reduce time to maintain our pricing database. Most importantly, however, is that our customers are impressed with the professionalism of the quotes we send out.

IMPAC was incredibly responsive to all our needs. I look forward to continuing with IMPAC in the future and I recommend ProQuote to any company looking for superior quality software from a responsive vendor."

Heidi F. Weber - Retech Inc, USA

"We have truly appreciated the ease of revising and re-issuing quotes, as well as following our sales rep activity. The Forecasted Value Report is a weekly contribution to our revenue projection.

Your staff really worked with us to make the system as beneficial to our operations as possible. We would recommend ProQuote to any business that wants to present fast, professional quotes and provide top-level customer service.."

Lien Q Chen - Director, IT & Inside Sales, Rae Systems, USA

"ProQuote is very instrumental in expanding our Integrated Systems Business. Our quote preparation time has been reduced significantly, with most quotes issued in less than 24hrs. The volume of quotes processed has grown many fold and the speed in which we can turn a quote into a sale increased substantially.

We want to continue to utilize the many tools available in ProQuote to measure our progress, improve our business and maximize our revenue pipeline. "