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Q: What operating systems does ProQuote work with?
A: ProQuote works with:
XP/Vista/Win 7 and above
Windows Server 2000 and above
Windows Terminal Server
Q: How do I learn more about  ProQuote?
A: The best way to learn more about ProQuote is to schedule a remote demo via the internet. It's quick and easy to view a live demonstration of ProQuote over the internet. Click here to schedule an online demonstration . Click here for more information, or visit our download area on our web-site to get additional product literature and the quick tour self-running demonstration.
Q: What is a Conference Room Trial?
A: The Conference Room Trial (CRT) is a consulting service designed to help customers define their requirements and determine the best way to configure ProQuote to their business.  As part of the CRT, ProQuote consultants work with the customer to set-up a preliminary configuration of ProQuote for their business, import sample product data, and work through the steps of generating a quote using the customer's data. The CRT is an opportunity for the customer to "Test Drive" ProQuote using their data. We also review any customization and integration issues at this time.
Q: Does ProQuote Link to Goldmine?
A: Yes , it also links with other contact managers such as ACT, and Outlook. As part of the link to Goldmine ProQuote reads contact data and writes follow-up activities and notes to Goldmine.
Q: What Accounting packages does ProQuote link to?
A: ProQuote currently interfaces with Solutions Accounting, and Great Plains Accounting. ProQuote reads customer information from the accounting package and sends accepted quotes as orders.
Q: Can ProQuote handle multiple Pricing levels?
A: ProQuote allows you to set as many price and cost fields as required and to select the desired price to quote based on a customer type (e.g. OEM, Dealer, Trade and End Customer). The number and types of pricing levels are flexible.
Q: Many of our products have predetermined discounts based on the quantity quoted. Does ProQuote support quantity break pricing?
A: Yes, through the use of Business Rules, you can assign quantity breaks for items in the price book.
Q: Does ProQuote support selectable terms (Payment, Delivery terms etc... )?
A: Yes . You can predefine several different terms and set one as the default. Once attached to a quote you can also edit the content.
Q: Is it possible to estimate freight costs based on qty and weight for a quoted item and given freight rate.
A: Yes , this is an excellent use of our formula feature. The cost of freight can be calculated from other data fields. For example Freight Cost = (QTY*Weight*Freight Rate).  Freight Cost, Weight and Freight Rate are UDF's.
Q: Can ProQuote work with different exchange rates and currencies?
A: Yes, ProQuote can be easily configured to quote in a variety of exchange rates and currencies.
Q: Can ProQuote calculate commission?
A: Yes , through the use of our formula feature commission can be easily calculated for sales reps.
Q: We sell and install cable and network equipment. Can ProQuote include both material and labor?
A: ProQuote has the flexibility to handle labor as separate line items or it can also be associated with materials. For example, a security camera can have units of labor associated for the installation. The total cost of the item is the combined camera and labor units. Alternatively, the labor and camera can be quoted as separate items in the quote.
Q: I want to track quotes by industry sector (SIC code), and project type?
A: ProQuote doesn't come with a specific SIC field, but you can add this data field as a UDF to accomplish this task . ProQuote's filtering capabilities allow you to group and report quotes based on this field.
Q: What is the difference between the MS-Access and the SQL Edition of ProQuote?
A: Designed for both desktop and mobile users ProQuote MS-Access is ideal for businesses that
require a price list management and sales quotation system that is easy-to-use and maintain.  ProQuote's SQL Enterprise version is the ideal system for businesses that require an enterprise wide solution that will provide a large number of users with instant access to volumes of data without compromising performance and reliability.
Q: Does ProQuote support network/multiple users?
A: Yes.  ProQuote can be installed on networks where all the users on the network can share the quotes. ProQuote supports Novell Netware and Windows NT Server networks.
Q: How do you handle upgrades?
A:  Through annual maintenance agreements, customers are eligible for software upgrades to the next generation of products they have licensed.  This ensures that our customers continue to receive the benefits of ongoing research and development, including new product features.
Q: Can ProQuote print work orders?
A: .   We have added the work order functionality for other customers. We have also worked with a number of our customers to build interfaces to transfer the order electronically to their enterprise-wide business system.
Q: Can you customize the reports?
A: All the reports are done in MS-Access reports.  You can also use third party software for reporting (such as Crystal Reports).
Q: Do I need Microsoft Access to run ProQuote?
A: No.  You do not need Microsoft Access installed on your system to run ProQuote.
Q: Can you assign probability of winning and forecast sales with ProQuote?
A: Yes. ProQuote includes Probability of Winning, and Expected Award date as standard fields. You can add your own fields to support other information you want to track. You can also filter the quotes on any data field and produce a report based on the filter.
Q: Can I import my products?
A: Yes.  ProQuote can import your products into it's product database. ProQuote can import data stored from many data types (such as tab or comma delimited text file as well as fixed width, and Access .mdb files). If your data is not in a supported format, popular products like Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Excel can convert your data into a delimited text file. Once you have imported your products, you can save the import settings that you can easily recall next time you do an import.
Q: We need the ability to quote in both French and English. Does ProQuote support this requirement?
A: Yes.  ProQuote allows you to setup multiple description fields in the quote and price book databases. In this case one in English and one French. You can also configure a separate quote formats for each language. Depending on the customer type, you would select either the English format quote or the French.