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System Requirements

You can run ProQuote MS-Office Edition as a standalone application or as a multi-user networked application. ProQuote requires Windows XP/Vista/Win 7 and above or Microsoft Windows Server. MS-Office is recommended but is not required. You do not require MS-Access to run ProQuote. Note added RAM and processor speed will improve performance.

ProQuote SQL Edition is compatible with Microsoft's SQL server 2005+ running on Windows Server. The client modules are written in Microsoft Access and require Windows XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8 Workstation to operate.

The recommended server will vary with the requirements for the application. For SQL server extra RAM would be required. A dual processor server will enhance performance.

ProQuote On-line requires an IIS 6.0+ with ASP.NET Framework 2.0+. The client side needs internet IE Web Browser. ProQuote On-line uses SSRS (SQL Reporting Services) for reporting.