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The Benefits of Windows Terminal Services

Windows Terminal Services is ideal for sales quoting applications, where inside and outside sales reps need access to a centralized quoting program and sales information. This technology is designed to simplify access to Windows-based programs from within a corporate network or over the Internet. When a user accesses a program on a terminal server, the program execution occurs on the server. Only keyboard, mouse, and display information is transmitted over the network.

Why use Terminal Services?
Deploying a program on a single terminal server instead of on each computer device provides many benefits. These include the following:

  1. Quickly deploy Windows-based programs to users across an enterprise. Terminal Services makes program updates easier and simplifies maintenance as all programs run off one computing device. Once a program is running as desired, it runs the same for all users, independent of the computer they used to login

  2. Terminal Services enhances user productivity. Users can access programs from remote locations such as homes, hotels and other locations. Sales reps can stay on the road more effectively and reduce the time needed in the office.

  3. Terminal Services provides better program performance for branch office workers. You can roll-out a new application running on one server to multiple branch locations. Once one branch is operational the others can follow with little effort.

Windows 2008 Server Terminal Services Improvements
The launch of Windows Server 2008 this year also included Terminal Services enhancements. Here are three new features worth noting:

  1. RemoteApp - allows a user to share an application with a workstation instead of the entire Windows desktop.

  2. Terminal Services Gateway - enhanced capabilities to allow remote users who are working away from the office to connect to terminal services.

  3. Terminal Services Web Access - offers the ability for remote users to connect to terminal services with just a web browser.

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