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ProQuote - Quote it Right the First Time!

Your sales team is working hard but they seem to be continually hampered by a poor sales quoting process. The current system is inefficient with too many steps leading to duplication, errors and delays that consume both time and money. What's more, mistakes at the quote stage often permeate into the order leading to further delays, costly trouble-shooting and lost opportunity.

"Businesses turning
to ProQuote."

To remedy this problem businesses are turning to ProQuote's quote-to-order solution designed to streamline the sales quoting process from the initial inquiry through to the order. ProQuote provides a very robust, yet easy-to-use, sales quoting solution that standardizes quote procedures, simplifies work and improves the overall efficiency of the sales quoting process.

ProQuote is a sales "tool kit" that helps guide the user through the process of generating a quote and then converting the quote to an order, with the option to transfer the order to an ERP system. When generating a quote the user can choose to build a quote from scratch by selecting items from the integrated price book or adding items add-hoc from the keyboard. Alternatively, ProQuote incorporates configuration tools to simplify the steps of building complex equipment and machinery to the customer's specifications. While configuring a system, ProQuote provides options, accessories, images and notes to guide the user to select the desired components.

"ProQuote Pricing tools,
Keep users informed"

As the system is configured, ProQuote's pricing tools keep the user informed as to where they stand on price and margin. They have the flexibility, subject to management controls, to adjust prices to market conditions while still maintaining a respectable margin. Most importantly, they have all the tools to prepare an accurate and professional looking quote, delivered to the customer without delay.

For management, ProQuote provides a new level of insight and control. With a single source of information, management can easily track quote performance by sales rep, region, product family, supplier and many other business criteria. Not only will management see the business won but also the business lost and reasons why, providing valuable business intelligence to adjust marketing and sales tactics.

Additionally, ProQuote offers features to convert quotes to pdf's, export to excel, attach product specifications sheets and brochures and email capabilities. Other time saving tools allow users to easily revise/copy quotes, update quote status and import RFQ (request for quote) from an excel file.

For businesses that require a web based solution, ProQuote .NET is the perfect solution to support a larger outside sales channel. ProQuote .NET ties together customers, distributors, sales reps, agents and inside customer service staff into one integrated sales quotation solution. It's ideal for sales channels that need access to the quotation system from locations across North America or the world. Users only need access to the internet and a browser to run ProQuote .NET making it a truly global application.

Going forward, ProQuote continues to develop innovative tools to help successful businesses simplify work, enhance customer service and improve profitability.